BOB Revolution Flex Review

The Revolution Flex is the latest running stroller from BOB, and it is everything that you would expect from this first class stroller maker. It is basically the same as the popular SE model, but with one added feature, an adjustable handlebar. This is what puts the “Flex” into its name as it allows you to set the handlebar to 9 different positions that can handle tall and short runners alike. It also comes with the same features that has made the SE one of the top selling joggers such as; an adjustable suspension, swivel front wheel for maneuverability, padded handlebar and seat for a comfortable experience, and a two step folding system for easy storage.

The Flex is in a class by itself as you can see from TurnagainTimes latest ratings. From concrete streets, to off road hiking trails, this is the stroller for fitness minded parents looking to get their children safely out of the house.

This model is slightly more expensive than the SE, but owners feel that the ability to customize the handlebar position for the perfect fit is well worth it. The Revolution Flex has received extremely high reviews and recommendation rates from owners.

Running with the kids has many benefits, some precautions and very few cons. The right equipment can make a world of difference. This is one model that can help your family get the most out of your efforts.

Recommended Weight Capacity: 5 to 70 lbs.

Stroller Features:

Adjustable Handlebar Position – The Flex is designed to fit comfortably for just about any sized runner. The handle bar can be adjusted up for taller joggers or down for smaller runners. This enables a comfortable hand position so that you stay in complete control of the stroller.

Adjustable Front Swivel Wheel – The swivel action of the front wheel enables maximum maneuverability over any type of terrain. The front wheel can also be locked into position to improve stability at faster speeds as it makes it easier to keep the stroller in a straight line.

Adjustable Suspension – Keeping in line with the other adjustable features of the Flex, the suspension can be fine tuned to provide the safest and most comfortable ride over any type of terrain. Whether travelling over level city concrete or taking your stroller over rougher off road trails, the suspension can be adjusted to deliver the smoothest ride possible.

Comfort – Padded seats make for a happy rider and the padded adjustable handlebar make for a happy runner. The Flex was engineered with plush materials that are relatively easy to clean.

Convenient Fold Down – While not in use, the Revolution Flex can be easily folded down for transporting or storage. The frame is folds down in a two step process that is relatively straight forward.

What Owners Love About The BOB Revolution Flex

This jogging stroller gets insanely high user ratings and we have been extremely impressed with just how well owners seem to respond to this model. Some of what parents really love about the Flex include:

Adjustable Handlebar – This is no doubt the biggest selling point of this jogging stroller and it operates just as advertised for owners. This unit gets extremely high marks for this feature.

Glides on Air – A number of owners have been thrilled with how well this jogger performs on a wide variety of terrain. It seems to glide and it is rather easy to maneuver and push. The Flex gets a lot of high marks from users in this area as well.

Construction – This unit is well built and it feels sturdy, something that a lot of owners really appreciate. This seems to be something that is rather noticeable, especially for users who have used other types of strollers.

Sun Canopy – This is one feature of the stroller that gets a lot of praise. The adjustable sun canopy of the Flex is really big and it is one aspect of the stroller that parents really like. Their little ones are protected from the sun and enjoy the ride that much more.

Styling – While performance is always the most important aspect of a jogger, having something that looks good doesn’t hurt. A lot of owners voiced how much they liked modern styling and different color options of the Flex stroller. It is a real head turner when out and about.

Big Seat – Users also seem to be impressed with the roominess of the seat. This is something that also led to many happy riders.

What Could Be Better?

Even with the overwhelmingly high praise that this running stroller has received from owners, nothing is ever perfect. There were a few things that some owners wished were a tad bit better.

Storage – While there is some storage available on the Flex, the compartments were not as big as some users were hoping for.

A Little Bulky – One of the trade-offs of having a sturdy design is that the stroller is a little on the bulky side. This was something that a few owners wished could be improved.

No Cup Holder – A few parents also wished that this model came with a cup holder. Unfortunately this is something that has to be purchased separately.

Bottom Line

The BOB Revolution Flex is probably the top jogger on the market today. It may be a little more expensive than its cousin, the Revolution SE, but the added ability to adjust the handlebar height has been worth it for a majority of owners. Feedback on this model has been nothing short of glowing with average scores in the very high 4’s out of 5 stars. The customer reviews that we have read make us extremely confident putting this model at the top of our wishlist. The Revolution Flex is a wonderful option for both serious and casual runners alike.