Jeep Adventure Stroller Review

The Jeep Adventure jogging stroller is a superb piece of equipment that hits on both price and features for a lot of parents. Even though it is one of the more affordable models on our list, paying less does not mean that you get less. It comes with a wide array of functions that make it a high-performing product. With an efficient design that integrates a lockable fully-pivoting front wheel, air-filled tires, and an adjustable handlebar, this Jeep model has been engineered to keep children comfortable and safe while providing parents with convenient features that can simplify their strolling experience.

What a lot of owners like is that this stroller includes an iBaby sound system that will play music for both you and your little one. Another great aspect of this stroller is that is compatible with a wide range of infant car seats without the use of an adapter. Owners have responded rather nicely to this particular model as it provides both value as well as performance that man of them are looking for in a jogging stroller.

Recommended weight capacity: 60 lbs.

Product Features

Air-Filled Tires: The Jeep Adventure features air-filled tires that can make rides more enjoyable by minimizing bumps and and uneven terrain. The stroller will absorb shock before it reaches your infant helping make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

Lockable Swiveling Front Wheel: This Jeep jogging stroller has been specifically designed to handle both strolling or running. The front wheel swivels to any direction, facilitating easy maneuvering and permitting you to turn corners. For faster paced running, the stroller will allow you to lock the front wheel into place for increased stability.

Adjustable Handlebar: This model also has an adjustable handlebar that can be positioned to the desired height. This enables Moms and Dads of different heights to easily find a position that is most comfortable to operate.

iBaby Sound System: Probably the most notable feature of this jogger is its iBaby sound system, which clearly sets it apart from other models. It hooks up to portable mp3 devices, such as an iPod, and both parent and passenger can enjoy some tunes while out and about.

What Owners Like About the Jeep Adventure

Excellent Suspension System: Most parents who have bought the Adventure Jogging Stroller were very pleased with its excellent suspension system that could easily absorb shock coming from bumpy roads, making the ride smoother. Owners like how this particular part of the stroller operates.

Well-Built Front Wheel: Users, for the most part, like how easy this stroller is to operate while running and also while going at a more casual pace. Locking and unlocking the front wheels is relatively simple, and it is quite stable.

Suitable for Baby Car Seats: To make your customer experience more convenient, Jeep has specifically manufactured this product to be compatible with a wide range of popular car seats without requiring an adapter for attachment. This is something owners have found most useful and convenient.

Adjustable Harness System: Users have found this safety feature to work as expected and found it simple to use.

What Could Be Better?

Padding: Some owners wished that there was a little bit better padding for their children. Having a little bit more would make the whole experience better for their little ones.

Poor-Quality Sound System: Some owners view the sound system that comes with this stroller as more of a novelty since the speaker is small and it requires batteries to operate. It is a nice feature to have but some wish that it was a little bit more robust the amount of sound it was able to generate.

Bottom Line

For a mid-range jogging stroller, the Jeep Adventure has a lot of useful features that parents are looking for in a capable jogger. For the price, this model does have quite a bit to offer. Those who have purchased this stroller have left favorable reviews and give it scores in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.

Mountain Buggy 2013 Terrain Review

The Mountain Buggy 2013 Terrain jogging stroller is a serious piece of equipment built for those serious about running. With 16” back and 12” front air cushioned tires and a mid-mount suspension, this models offers a very smooth ride even on the most demanding of terrains. This model also offers parents a fully reclining seat, adjustable handlebars, convenient handbrake, five point harness, adjustable sun canopy, storage basket, bottle holders and more.

This may not be one of the more popular strollers on our list, probably because of its price, it is one of the higher rated models that we have come across. Those who have purchased it have been extremely satisfied with the 2013 Terrain and have give it pretty high scores. For jogging enthusiasts who want a stroller that can stand up to regular use, then this model is worthy of consideration.

Recommended weight capacity: 5 to 77 lbs.

Product Features

Full-Reclining Seat: This model comes with an adjustable seat that can be reclined as desired, from newborn to upright positions, offering versatility for babies of all ages. Whether your little one wants to take a nap or play with his toys, this stroller will be extremely suitable for all his needs, making his riding experience much more enjoyable. The seat is enhanced with a multi-position sun canopy that can be adjusted as desired to prevent sun, rain or other environmental factors from bothering your child during rides.

All-Direction Pivoting Front Wheel: This Mountain Buggy jogging stroller comes with a fully-pivoting front wheel that facilities easier maneuvering, making the model simple to push. Holding the handlebar will be enough for controlling the direction of the stroller, therefore allowing you to successfully avoid obstacles. The front wheel can be locked forwards for greater stability on uneven surfaces or for going at a faster pace.

Mid-Mount Suspension System: To make rides smoother, the Mountain Buggy 2013 Terrain Stroller is equipped with a full mid-mount suspension system, which is intended to absorb shock when traversing tougher terrain. This will help minimize bumps and make the ride smoother.

Water-Repellent Fabric: Jogging strollers get dirty and they get wet, the fabric used in this model make keeping your stroller clean and dry a lot easier. Made with durable polyester, this unit was designed to look good and last.

What Owners Like About the Mountain Buggy

Adjustable Handlebar: Most parents who have bought the Mountain Buggy 2013 Terrain Stroller were particularly happy with the adjustable handlebar, which can be positioned to the desired height to better fit your own. Not only will this make rides more comfortable, but it will enable you to use your weight more efficiently to properly maneuver the jogging stroller, especially when the front wheel is locked.

Reclining Seat: Mountain Buggy has implemented this jogging stroller to be fully reclining, so babies can fall asleep or stay upright when strolling. To recline it, users will only have to flip the switch and adjust the seat to the desired angle, then flip it back. Owners typically like how this aspect functions.

Easy to Push: This is not the lightest jogging stroller that we have reviewed, but it is not the hardest to push either. The solid construction enables this particular model to accommodate up to 77 lbs, which is among the highest on our list.

Foldable Frame: Lastly, this jogging stroller can be easily folded if necessary. Since you might sometimes need to take it with you when going on a car trip, this might be extremely advantageous, since the stroller will become very compact and easy to store anywhere. The frame can be folded in only two steps, making the process less time consuming. Owners were also satisfied with this feature.

What Could Be Better?

Locked Wheel Pulls to One Side: When locked in place, some owners found that their stroller would veer to one side or the other and it required a little more effort to keep it on a straight path. This gave them a bit more of a workout than they anticipated.

Weight: While happy with the stroller, some users did express a wish that it could be a little bit lighter.

Bottom Line

The Mountain Buggy 2013 Terrain is definitely geared for a more serious runner that wants to go more places than just around the block. This unit is sturdy, which may cause it to be a little heavier than other models. It is also pricey. Owners have bought this jogger, for the most part, have been really impressed and have given it really good reviews. It continues to receive high scores in the high 4’s out of 5 stars from customers.