Schwinn Turismo Review

The Schwinn Turismo is a mid-range jogging stroller with high-end features. Due to its swiveling front wheel, this stroller is easy to push, having a lightweight, rubberized handlebar that will make strolling simpler and more enjoyable. To make the ride smoother, this Schwinn product implements an efficient spring suspension system that will prevent bouncing by absorbing shocks that result mostly from bumpy roads.

One feature owners really love is built in speakers that can hook up to any portable mp3 player to keep infants entertained and completely relaxed during every ride. It also has many other useful aspects that both parents and kids love. For the price, owners find the Turismo a very capable jogger that provides pretty decent overall value. It is not near the top of our jogging stroller ratings, but because it is an excellent budget option we had to include it.

Recommended weight capacity: 50 lbs.

Product Features

Exposed Spring Suspension System: The stroller implements an exposed spring suspension system that will efficiently protect your little one against constant bouncing due to bumpy roads. It can absorb rough terrain and uneven surfaces to provide a more comfortable ride for passengers.

Built-In MP3 Speaker: One particular feature that makes this Schwinn jogging stroller stand out is the built-in MP3 speaker it is equipped with, which will let you play tunes for you and your little one. Not only will this diminish potential nervousness, but it will also keep them entertained, making every ride a true enjoyment for you both.

Lockable, Fully-Pivoting Front Wheel: The stroller features a three-wheel design that has a fully-rotating front wheel, which will automatically enhance pushing and maneuvering. If you are looking for more stability and support, you can lock the pivoting wheel by simply flipping a switch, which will keep it rotating forwards during the entire ride.

Adjustable Handlebar: This is a great feature that accommodates users of different heights. With a click of a button the handlebar can swivel upwards for taller users or swivel downwards for shorter users. Simple to use.

What Do Owners Like About the Schwinn Turismo?

Lightweight Aluminum Frame: This unit has a sturdy aluminum frame that is extremely lightweight that gets high marks from owners. This makes pushing and turning and keeping the stroller under control a lot easier.

Cup Holders: Cup holders are a must-have for any good jogging stroller, and fortunately, this Schwinn model comes with two. The cup holders are ideal if you need to keep your baby’s bottle within easy reach, and they can be great if you need to keep your cup of coffee, tea or water bottle handy as well. Since they are two, you can always use them for both your baby’s bottle and yours, which is guaranteed to make you love this stroller.

Easy to Fold: If storage is a concern for you, this jogger will keep you at peace due to its foldable frame. This model can be successfully folded down to a more compact size in a very short time for easy storage. When not in use, the stroller can be folded and stored virtually anywhere in your home, so you will always be able to avoid wasting precious space.

Enhanced Comfort: The padded seat, sun canopy and harness system help to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for children. Many customers have reported their babies to fall asleep when taken out in it, which usually is a good sign.

What Could Be Better?

Durability: Some users were not pleased with the overall durability of stroller, especially for serious joggers.

No Hand Brake: Some users found the brakes for the back wheels to be awkward to use, especially since there is a brake for each wheel. Having a single hand brake on the handlebar is a desire of a few owners that would improve overall safety and convenience.

Size and Weight: A few owners have expressed disappointment in the overall size and weight of this stroller. Some had trouble moving it in and out of vehicles and wished the unit was smaller and easier to transport.

Bottom Line

For those that do not want to spend a lot on a jogging stroller or plan to use one in a more urban environment with smoother surfaces, the Schwinn Turismo is a wonderful option. Despite some of its concerns voiced by a few owners, it has still gotten some pretty nice feedback. This jogger currently scores in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars from users.