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Tips To Survive During a Hurricane and Other Natural Disasters

When you know you still have time to prepare for the upcoming disaster, you must devise a way to protect yourself and survive through it. You must learn about every natural disaster separately to make sure that you have a way out of the situations that can be controlled and prevented. Here is how to survive a hurricane and other natural disasters.


When you know a hurricane is going to strike your locality, you must first turn off all the utilities at once. Close down the gas lines and fill as many containers and tubers as you can with water. Try to stay in the center of your house and away from the doors and windows. Close all the shutters. You must also form an emergency plan to move to a safer location with your family if you find the time. Understand the possible dangers that can occur and do not delay in taking action against them.


An earthquake is different from a hurricane and does not give a warning that we can be prepared for. It is the moment where we need to be quick in taking action. Find a way to crawl under a sturdy table when the earthquake strikes. Cover your head with your arms. Stay away from the big items that can fall on you. If you are stuck in debris, cover your mouth with a cloth. Try to find an object to tap and make noise. Avoid yelling as you can inhale the dust. If you are outside the building, keep away from the wires and buildings and head to an open field.


A flood can be the worst disaster that can create a long term problem for the people who face it. If there is a flood warning in your locality, start making arrangements for your family to vacate the place. Mose to higher grounds and carry only the things that are important for you. Avoid any areas with broken powerlines and moving water. Avoid crossing running water and keep yourself safe in a dry shelter if possible.


Tornado warnings are often given way before it occurs. You can start preparing early without panicking about it. The radios and news channels will alert you about the tornados. Locate the nearest shelters in your locality. You can also build an emergency shelter in your neighborhood, with your neighbor, or on your own. Your last resort during an emergency is your basement or the lowest floor. If you are in a car when the tornado strikes, immediately leave the car and seek the nearest shelter. If you are caught in the open, lay down in a ditch and cover your head with your hands.

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