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5 Basic Survival Skills One Should Know

It is easy to live comfortably inside our homes, where we feel safe and invulnerable. But when a disaster strikes, it can become difficult for some to survive due to a lack of survival skills. Any major calamity can cause panic among people, but it is not time to panic. It is time to buckle up and prepare your way out of the disaster. Become a survivor through the worst when others want to give up. These basic survival skills are important for everyone to know.

Purifying water

Purifying water

One skill to develop is learning how you can find clean water and purify it for safe drinking. We can survive without food for days, but water is a necessity that can kill a person in a matter of hours. Your top priority is to locate a clean water source. Gravity, greenery, and empty areas are usually the first locations to look for water. You can find a water purifier today that can help you make water drinkable.

Making fire

One should also learn how to make fire out of the minimum requirements. If you have to survive in a cold climate, the coming night can become a nightmare for you. Fire will provide you the warmth, food, clean water and also keep the predators away. Matches and a lighter are basic items found at home. In worst cases, you need to learn how to make fire from nothing.

Building shelter

This type of scenario will mostly occur when you need to survive in a forest or barren land. You need to build yourself a shelter to prevent heat and rain from making you sick. You need to learn how you can use the elements around you, like woods, grass, mud, and even snow, to build a shelter that can keep you safe. Check out the videos for building shelters from nothing to get help.


You must learn how to find your way back home just by using your compass and map. No one likes to get lost in the woods and walk in the wrong direction. This is why you must learn how to read a map and navigate yourself out of the forest areas. In case you do not have a compass, you can follow the sun, find the high grounds to look around, follow a river, to find a way out of the forests.

Hunting and foraging

Hunting and foraging

At times when others will worry about finding food, you will think of ways to make your food if you learn hunting and foraging. In the worst cases of survival, you will have to learn how to catch food to keep yourself energized and alive. Hunting, trapping, and fishing are important for any person during survival lessons. You must also learn foraging to find out what plants you can eat in a forest. Everything that is flora is not eatable.

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