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8 Wilderness Survival Tools to Always Have in Your Backpack

When you are planning to hike in the wilderness, it is important that you have everything necessary to camp the right way. These wilderness survival tools are effective for survival and make up a good time during your camp.


You must carry a fire starter with you to prepare your food and keep yourself warm. It is one of the most necessary survival tools for any hike or trip. Fire is also effective in keeping the predators away. You can choose different types of fire starters based on your carrying capacity.


A survival knife or a multi-tool is a good tool to keep in your backpack. Consider the type of hike or trek you are going for and find out what tools you will need without putting unnecessary weight. Having a multi-tool that contains basic tools like filer, scissors, bottle opener, screwdriver, tweezers, etc., in a compact gadget is useful for long treks.

First aid

It is always better to have a first aid kit in your bag in case an injury occurs. It can help in sanitizing wounds and covering them before a doctor can see them. The right ointments and bandages alongside medicines will make a useful first aid.


Paracord is a useful item in your backpack that can help you in different scenarios such as hanging items, trying knots, and in rescue operations. Paracords are made with lightweight nylon, strands of fiber, and incredibly useful survival tools.

Water filtration

Keeping hydrated is necessary during a hike. You can run out of clean drinking water at any time. That is why it is important to have a water filtration system or a bottle for hiking. You can fill up water from running streams during the hike and clean it instantly for drinking.


A torch or headlamp is important during the hike to help you locate places in the dark. It makes it easy for you to do things properly when you can see around. Even a pocket flashlight can be useful if you planned a day trip but are getting late while coming back.

Spot locator

For a much-planned trek, you need a spot locator to keep together with your companions in a foresty area. Spot locator helps you stay safe wherever you are by giving your location to the responders. It can help you find the way back the lost path and call quick help in case of emergency.

Planned trek


Today when you have GPS, it seems unnecessary to keep a compass. However, it is still an essential tool to be found in every professional backpacker. It does not require a battery and can be used with other tools. This classic tool is important for reading out maps and also survive in a traditional way.

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